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Veterinary Surgical Services

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery is surgery on any part of the body not including bone. Some examples include:

  • Growth Removal: commonly discovered by owners, and may need to be removed due to malignancy
  • Wound Repair: severity can be deceiving due to damage under the skin, and may need cleaning, surgical correction and antibiotics
  • Laparotomy: used to gain access to the abdomen for foreign body or bladder stone removal, organ biopsies or removal and surgical exploration
  • Abscess Repair: anal sac or bite abscesses often need to be lanced (opened up), flushed and treated with antibiotics
  • Ocular (eye) Procedures: correction of prolapsed tear glands or removal of excess eye lid tissue that painfully rubs on the eye

Orthopedic (Bone) Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is surgery that involves bones such as fractures, hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ruptures and torn ligaments.

Many of these surgeries can be done at our facility by bringing in a surgeon. If the procedure cannot be done with us then we can refer your case to a specialty facility.


Surgery Cat: Ready To Go Home!