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New Puppies and Kittens

With the addition of a new puppy or kitten to your family, veterinarians often devote extra time to discuss all the ways we can start your puppy or kitten on a long, happy and healthy life. We will provide you with a kit that covers many topics such as nutrition, training, vaccines, common parasites and dental health.

This is the perfect time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Vaccination and Deworming

Vaccination is the best way to help your puppy or kitten build up an immunity to fight disease.   A series of vaccines, called boosters, are needed in these young animals for a few reasons.  Firstly, their immune systems are immature so multiple doses are required to build up this protection.  Secondly, kittens and puppies receive protection from their mother, called maternal antibodies.  These are very important in keeping these young animals safe but also interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccines.  These maternal antibodies begin to fade as the animal matures and the vaccines take over the protective duties.

A typical vaccine schedule for puppies and kittens are boosters at 8, 12 and 16 weeks, with rabies being given at the latter.

Fecal testing is also very important in all puppies and kittens.  These young animals commonly contract internal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, coccidia) from the environment or through their mother's milk or placenta.  Multiple fecal tests are recommended for the following reasons:

  • internal parasites can be missed on a single fecal test since it may have migrated outside of the intestines due to the parasitic life cycle
  • puppy/kitten can show no clinical signs
  • allows identification of what internal parasite is present
  • to treat (deworm) with the appropriate medication
  • to monitor that our treatment has been effective
  • some of these parasites can be transmitted to humans especially children

Deworming is recommended for every puppy and kitten at 8 and 12 weeks of age and then once monthly thereafter.

Puppy and Kitten Packages

We also offer kitten and puppy packages which include their vaccinations, fecals, deworming, nail trims and spay/neuter. Please feel free to ask us for more details.

Puppies and Kittens!