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Veterinary Medical Consultations

It can be a very difficult time when your loved one is unwell. You will be asked to provide a thorough history and discuss any changes in your pet’s daily habits. Your pet will be examined to provide the veterinarian with indications of any possible health problems. There are options to investigate further with blood work, X-rays and any other diagnostic veterinary tests needed, in order to reach a final diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is reached the veterinarian will continue to work closely with you on treatment and monitoring of your pet's condition, as well as teaching you how to administer any medications that are needed.

If your pet is too unwell for treatment, or has a very poor prognosis, palliative care, quality of life and decision making around when it is time to say good bye to your loved one will be discussed. Veterinarians are here to help and support you and will provide you with any information and advice you require.

X-Ray (Radiograph) Machine