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Dentistry for Your Pet

Dental Disease

Dental disease is the most common disease in our pets and many owners are unaware of their pet’s pain because they show so few signs. The most common sign of periodontal disease is halitosis (bad breath), which the majority of pet owners assume is normal. Although rare, they may paw at their mouth, drop their food or have a decrease in appetite.

Healthy Mouth = Healthy Pet

A pet with a healthy mouth will have a much better quality of life overall, the key to which is prevention.

Your Pet's Teeth Need Brushing Too!

Daily brushing, the gold standard in dental care, removes plaque before it becomes mineralized to tartar. Before a dental home care routine is started, pets should have a thorough oral evaluation to assess and treat any existing dental problems.

Brushing a sore mouth is painful and cannot correct any preexisting issues. Some pets will not accept dental home care or owners may be unable to provide it. We can provide dentistry for your pet.

Dentistry Procedure

We will determine if your pet should have a dental cleaning under general anesthesia.

Routine Dentistry Steps

The steps involved include:

  • Careful evaluation their mouth
  • Removal of calculus and plaque both above and below the gum line
  • Probing of each tooth to identify any pockets and cavities
  • Polishing teeth, creating a smooth surface that will be more resistant to the formation of plaque and tartar in the future

Additional Dentistry Steps

If problems are discovered, further steps may include:

  • Dental x-rays to discover any diseased teeth that would not be detected with the eye alone such as an abscessed root
  • Extractions of diseased teeth

Dental Area